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16 January 2011 @ 05:42 pm
This community is currently
for an indefinite period of time.

What does this mean?
Hitman High will, for the time being, no longer be accepting new applications.
The no-good mod team will not be organizing in-game events.
Activity checks will not be held until after the game reopens.

A message to our players ♥Collapse )
30 October 2010 @ 10:44 pm
You guys know what day it is, right?

Okay...yes, it's October 30th in the real time zones. Don't be a smart ass. We're just going to go ahead and say it's the 31st for the sake of it. So lemme ask you again...

You guys know what day it is, right?

That's right!

It's Halloween and, in keeping with awful High School clichés, the Hitman High all purpose assembly hall has been covered from top to bottom in gaudy Halloween decorations for you all to enjoy. And just in time, too!

Or one day early. Shut up.

There are, among other things, fake cobwebs hanging from the walls with their matching fake spiders dangling from the ceiling, fake skeletons pinned to the walls and even a couple of goofy cut out ghosts...stuck on the walls. Of course there's also an obligatory table covered with drinks and snacks, nothing but the best candy for you kids. Eat as much candy as you want. Just don't throw up where other people can see, okay? You might even notice that there's some lame vaguely Halloween-related music playing over the sound system.

Oh, and I hope you like
'cause those are the only colours you'll be seeing at the...


...yeah, it's sort of beautiful in it's own hideous way.

And if you decide that you don't want to stick around the party all night? Well you can always step outside into the hallway for some peace and quiet, outside of the school for some fresh air or even duck into an empty classroom if you'd rather. But why would you want to do that?

And and, given the recent events around the school, Giotto has obviously made the the best possible choice of costume.

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It's the first of the month, kids!

I'm sure that you all noticed the lack of construction work going on in the dormitories this morning, right? Right. That's because the construction of the new new floors has finally been completed. Obviously this means that students are no longer required to share rooms. The elevator will also take you all the way to the top floor so you don't need to worry about climbing any stairs.

...and all of this sounds oddly familiar. Oh well.

The new room assignments are as follows:

Luce - Room 901
Lal - Room 902
Daisy - Room 1001

You guys should collect your keys from the school office as soon as possible.

In more important news – the public baths, which I'm sure you all enjoyed to the fullest, are now closed. You can go back to your lonely baths and showers in the morning without having to worry about avoiding Belphegor, breaking curfew and sneaking downstairs to wash in the middle of the night.

Speaking of breaking and ignoring the rules, it's time for me to pretend that I actually get involved in your day to day school lives and appoint a new overlord for the next month. That means you're no longer in charge, Bel. Sorry.

This month's class president will be...Mammon! You know, the greedy one with the hood? Yeah. Him Her That one.

Finally, I should probably give you guys a heads up about something that isn't even all that important. So much so that you can just go ahead and forget this conversation after October. Especially if nothing happens.

Not that long ago, around this time of year actually, the now-ex principal from Shimon High, a school just like this one, stopped by Hitman High to visit his old friend Giotto. That's me.

This guy, Shimon Cozart, was just like yours truly. He was smart, funny, good in bed and charming. Despite the fact that the school he was in charge of was a whole lot less hectic than this one and the fact that he took every opportunity to remind me of how superior Shimon was during his last visit we were good friends. Really.

But there was one crucial different between us.

See, Cozart wasn't the kind of guy who could survive a fall down a flight of stairs and a broken neck. Suck to be him, right? Well behaved pupils and a lack of infamy won't get you out of a situation like that.

Anyway, long story short? Hitman High might maybe possibly be sort of haunted by the ghost of Shimon Cozart even though I had nothing to do with his death despite any evidence to the contrary.

Have a nice day!

[//OOC: Please friend add hauntinghh, gang. Derp. ]
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01 September 2010 @ 08:27 pm

Club NameMember List
The Awesome ClubTsuna, Lussuria
Loser ClubEnma, Mammon

Obviously these are just examples for now. Accurate examples but examples none-the-less!


⦾ Clubs need at least three members to get started. The founding members must be played by different muns.
⦾ The club president should leave a comment here with the following information: <b>Club Name</b> - <i>Club president's name</i> - [ Brief Description of the club. What is the point, how often do they meet, where do they meet etc. ]
⦾ The two other founding members should reply to that comment with their names.
⦾ After the club has been given the go ahead characters who wish to join should reply to the relevant comment and they will be added to the club roster.
⦾ Threads and logs related to club activities should be posted in character journals not at hitman_high.
⦾ Club members can decide the amongst themselves who will make a post for club related activities. It is advised that you take turns.
⦾ Clubs are funded by students. Make dumb fund raiser posts or something if you want to organise any club trips!
⦾ Please leave a comment here if your character leaves a club because otherwise we won't be able to keep the club rosters up to date now will we?
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[ Did you know that Hitman High has a PA system?

Well it totally does. And it's great for when Giotto wants to make a quick announcement without, you know, leaving his office and stuff. Which is exactly why he's using it right now to make this one! ]

Good morning, students!

I'm sure that you all noticed the lack of construction work going on in the dormitories this morning, right? Right. That's because the construction of the new floors has finally been completed. Obviously this means that students are no longer required to share rooms.

The new room assignments are as follows:

Mukuro– Room 601
Ken – Room 602
Chikusa – Room 603
Shitt P – Room 701
Lussuria – Room 702
Colonnello – Room 801
Bianchi – Room 802

You guys should collect your keys from the school office as soon as possible.

Don't worry about having to climb up eight flights of stairs, though. An elevator has been installed along with the floors and will make getting to your room much easier. Just don't do anything adult in there, okay?

And while we're on the subject, I'm sorry to inform you that your time as president has come to a close, Gokudera-kun. You've lost a room-mate and a very important role all in one day. Sucks to be you.

This month’s class president will be…Colonnello! Now you can pretend to be Commander-in-Chief as well as pretending to be a regular grunt~! Enjoy it, kid.

Have a great day, guys!

[ aaand the PA is now off ]
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01 July 2010 @ 06:32 pm
[ Giotto has called all of the students into the assembly hall…again. Only, this time you’ll notice that there are no sleeping bags, snacks or any of the other sleepover stuff. ]

Sorry to drag you all out of bed so early in the morning, kids. But there’s some important stuff that you’ve all got to listen to, okay?

First of all, I want to remind you that classes will start today. You’ll be expected to attend class from 8:00am until 3:00pm, excluding club activities. Club activities will run from 3:30pm until 8:00pm depending on the time allocated to each club. If you want to start a club then just head down to the school office along with two other students who’ll be a part of the club.

…Speaking of the school office, I guess I should give you kids a quick run through of what kind of facilities we’ve got on the school grounds, right?

Well, obviously we’ve got classrooms and computer labs. We’ve also got science labs which is good news for the geekier students among you. And then we’ve got a library where you can go for somewhere to study or for some quiet relaxation. Then we’ve got the student lounge where you can go for some less quiet relaxation. Finally, there’s the cafeteria and the nurses office. You should be able to find everything easily and if you can’t find where you’re going then try and think of getting lost as a wacky fun adventure you can have every morning~

Oh yeah, since today is the first day of the month we’ll be randomly selecting a class president. The person chosen will be responsible for making sure their fellow students follow the rules and for keeping the peace among the student body for the next month; a person can be selected more than once but not twice in a row. If you’ve got any complaints about other students or something like that then you should take it up with the class president instead of bothering me. He or she will actually represent all three years, not just their own, got it? Good~!

This month’s president will be…Gokudera Hayato! Good for you, kid!

And finally, it’s time for another icebreaker. One by one, each of you have to come up to the front of the assembly hall and tell us all a little bit about yourself; just your name and three facts about yourself will do. But make sure that there are two truths and one lie in there. And then your fellow students can have the fun of guessing which is the lie and what is true. Doesn’t that sound fun?


[ Giotto is going to take your silence as a yes! ]

Well, what are you all waiting for? Someone come up and get started~!
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29 June 2010 @ 12:46 pm
Greetings, cute students! It looks like you all had a lot of fun at the sleepover!!
I'm here today with a very important announcement concerning each and every one of you~!

Due to the unexpected rate of students entering the school, we have very quickly filled the dormitories to their maximum capacity. Now~ I know that it's inconvenient but we have no choice but to assign some of you with roommates until the construction of new floors is complete. This living situation is only temporary until the new floors are built. Construction should be complete by the end of the next month and along with the new floors will be a new elevator to reach them.

New students will be assigned to live with one current student (chosen by yours truly) and during the month you will of course become good friends through the unparalleled experience of sharing your living space ♥ !

Oh, and don't forget to be at the school bright and early on the 1st of July for this month's class president to be picked, as well as another exciting icebreaker!
24 June 2010 @ 12:48 am
[ It’s 9:00pm sharp. Giotto has gathered all of the students into the school’s large assembly hall on the Ground Floor.

The first thing you will notice is probably the large table at the front of the room. It’s covered in all sorts of food and drink. There’s not a chance that it’ll run out or that you’ll be unable to find something you like.

Then, near the table, you notice a large T.V. and the modest pile of DVDs to choose from. If you could see the covers it would be obvious that all of them are horror movies. The more violent they are the better, right?

And it’s only after you notice these things that you’ll notice there is also a pile of sleeping bags stacked up at the back of the room. They’re not very comfortable. Or very warm. Oh, and they’re an ugly brown colour. But at least there’s probably one each, right?

Once he was 100% certain that everyone was inside the hall, Giotto closed the door behind him and began to address the collected students with a smile. ]

You all remember when I said you guys would be forced into an icebreaker or two, right?

Well this is one of them! You’ll all be spending the night having fun together; playing games, watching movies, sharing scary stories. You know, stuff like that! Oh, and all the staircases to the other floors have been locked and there’s absolutely no way out of this room. [ What is a health and safety? ]

So just relax and have fun, okay?

Oh, and make some new friends during the first...

Hitman High Sleepover!

[ Giotto gives you all a last smile and a wave before disappearing out of the last unlocked door. There is a very distinct sound of the door being locked behind him as he leaves you inside for the rest of the night. He’ll be back to let you all out in the morning, kids! ]

[//ooc: for the sake of simplicity, just assume that the students have access to a bathroom, okay? ]
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22 June 2010 @ 04:11 pm
Community space
- Kitchens & dining
- Recreation
TV, video games, study tables, etc etc
101 - Tsuna
102 - Gokudera
103 - Yamamoto
104 - Haru
105 - Kyoko
201 - Enma
202 - Aoba
203 - Lambo
204 - Fran
205 - Uni
301 - Chrome
302 - I-pin
303 - Shouichi
304 - Spanner
305 - Mammon
401 - Hibari
402 - Ryohei
403 - Bel
404 - Squalo
405 - Dino
501 - Byakuran
502 - Reborn
503 - Fon
504 - Shamal
505 - Xanxus
601 - Mukuro
602 - Ken
603 - Chikusa
604 - Rasiel
605 - Genkishi
701 - Shitt P
702 - Lussuria
703 - Julie
704 - Kikyou
705 - Adelheid
801 - Colonnello
802 - Bianchi
803 - Hana
804 - Fuuta
805 - Lancia
901 - Luce
902 - Lal
903 - Verde
904 -
905 -
1001 - Daisy
1002 - Bluebell
1003 - GHOST
1004 -
1005 -
1101 - M.M.
1102 - Cervello
1103 - Longchamp
1104 -
1105 -

[[ ** there is nothing wrong or strange about the rooms for now ]]

All bedrooms contain
- One twin-sized bed
- Full private bath
- One desk
- Bookshelves
- Closets and dressers
- Students receive a single key to their room (don't lose it!)

House rules
**enforced by this month's class president which rotates monthly at random~!
- Schoolnight lights out at 10 PM via the lights actually losing power
- Schoolday mornings start 7 AM via really annoying sounding of school anthem through halls
- Weekend quiet hours 12 PM - 10 AM
- No food allowed in bedrooms
- Permanent damage made to rooms punishable in terms of really dumb chores to pay for repairs

[[ new members please post here with your character to be assigned a room ♥
old members feel free to use this as reference ;Db ]]

>> August 1 >> Floors 6-8 added
>> October 1 >> Floors 9-11 added
20 June 2010 @ 05:34 am
I'm your Principal, but if that’s too formal then you can call me Giotto. I don’t really mind. But since it’s your first day, I’d like to personally welcome you all to Hitman High and you should call me Principal for at least a little while. Showing respect and stuff, right?


Now, I know that you're all eager to get started with your education and to make some new friends but there's some real important stuff that we should get out of the way first! And if you’re not in the mood to make friends then I suggest that you get in the mood because over the first few week there’ll be some fun little ice breaker events so that you guys will have to get to know each other. Great, right?


Yeah so… you should all look over the room list! It'll tell you where you’re sleeping, where your soon-to-be-friends are sleeping, and some other stuff, maybe. I haven’t actually checked it over since, uhh, forever.

HITMAN HOUSING -- room listCollapse )

[ Quickly scans the sheet he’s holding ] Oh yeah, there’s also a list of house rules and the contents of your bedrooms jotted down there as well. Neat, huh?


// Students, bug Giotto with your questions here!!
Moving in and exploring the housing can go in your regular journals.
And please make sure you have everyone friended when you get started ;Db
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